Dog Jog Checklist

With less than a month to go until the first Dog Jog 5km, the team at Run4It want to help you improve your run on the day! To do so, we have put together a checklist, compiled of items which we believe are absolutely essential for you to enjoy your run:

1. Correctly fitted shoes
2. Running socks
3. Sports bra for ladies
4. Comfortable clothing



It is easy to purchase a pair of ‘sports shoes’, they look smart and are available in your size – done! Or you just need to dig around to the bottom of your wardrobe until you find those trainers from years ago. However, we recommend that you think differently about your footwear for the Dog Jog. For it to be ‘fun’ you need to avoid injury, blisters or muscle aching, therefore it could be time for new shoes! At Run4It we recommend that you have your feet analysed by one of our team through our free runlab shoe fitting process. A simple 15 second jog in bare feet can tell us whether your feet need a stability shoe with extra guidance and support, or a structured neutral shoe with lots of cushioning. It is amazing how much of a difference correctly fitted shoes can make! If you are new to running, this is the one thing to get right.


If you have looked after your feet by getting the right shoe, then it is the perfect opportunity to accompany this with the right sock. The rule is simple: no cotton! Cotton retains moisture/sweat which can cause bacteria to build up and the foot to become irritated by the damp sock – most commonly resulting in blisters. To avoid this, look to running socks which contain synthetic fibres (such as nylon) to wick away moisture and allow the foot to breathe. Running socks can vary in comfort, based on the padding they have in them, as well as sock height and colour, so there are plenty to choose from!

Sports Bra

80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. 75% do not wear a technical sports bra when running. Sound familiar? It is said that no sports bra should ever reach a birthday, so for most women it is probably time for a sport bra fit! Not wearing the correct sports bra can affect your running gait and posture, it can cause up to 4cm of movement in the breast tissue and irreversible damage, and it can be really uncomfortable when you are trying to enjoy your run! This is why we place sports bras as an essential piece of kit. No matter you cup size, band size, or preference on bra style, you should always be able to find the perfect sports bra for you!


If the feet are comfortable, you need the kit to match. With running tops it is the same as with socks, avoid cotton! A cotton top not only shows sweat and begins to smell much quicker, but it can also cause irritation and rubbing under the arms or on the chest. A technical t-shirt is much lighter and less restrictive around the arms – and it’s not an expensive piece of kit. As most of the Dog Jogs are in the summer it could be warm, so consider a vest or t-shirt and if you are worried about being cold on the start line make sure you have a layer on top that you can quickly pull off and put to the side, or pass to a friend, before you start running.

Accompany your top with a good pair of technical tights or shorts to be fully comfortable. Within shorts every runners’ need should be covered: you can get shorts with longer lycra liners to prevent chafing; shorts with a split leg so that you are completely unrestricted; or simple lycra shorts that sit close and don’t move up the leg.

If you can check off every item of our checklist then you are good to go! If this is your first run, enjoy the experience and if you have done events before then welcome back! ☺

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