Molly & Angel Dog Jog Glasgow

Best of Friends To Tick Dog Jog off Bucket List

Molly and Angel, her 11 year old Border Collie, are walking in Dog Jog Glasgow on Saturday 29th July to raise money for the Scottish SPCA, Scotland’s animal welfare charity, who work tirelessly to rescue and rehome Scotland’s abandoned, neglected and defenceless animals.

Growing up together as best of friends by each others side, Angel was devastatingly diagnosed with liver cancer earlier this year and due to her age, vets were reluctant to put her through gruelling treatment. Molly was advised to create a bucket list fillled with activities Angel loved or had never tried for them to do together during the precious time they still have left. After finding out about Dog Jog, Molly entered herself and Angel. Molly said, “Taking part in a 5k for charity we can take at our own pace was top of the list as it will be a wonderful experience for a good cause and Angel loves long walks especially to new places”.

Molly and Angel have set themselves a fundraising target of £200 for the Scottish SPCA as their local animal charity dedicated to helping animals in need and they’d love to help raise funds to help them keep up their amazing work for animals who they feel deserve the life Angel has had.

Molly explains “We are running for the Scottish SPCA mostly because although I’m heartbroken to know that we may not have Angel for much longer, from 8 weeks old to now almost 11 she has had an amazing life with us. Even in just the last year she has tried agility, learned new tricks and went to the beach for the first time”.

Taking place from July-October, the 5K events are aimed at all ages and abilities which will reap great benefits for both owner and dog. The events are set in some of the most scenic settings throughout the UK, encouraging runners to have a ‘bark in the park’ with their K9 companions.

Dog Jogs are all about a friendly, relaxed and fun atmosphere for everyone involved with no time limits or pressure. Each participant will receive a Doggy Bag jam-packed with goodies for both runner and dog to enjoy post-race.

The events are also a great way for participants to raise money for a charity they really care about, whether it be a dog-related charity or otherwise.

Molly said “I realise that a 5k may be a lot for Angel due to her age and ailments but we’d really love to give it a shot and even if we cannot complete the full 5k, I will be the proudest dog owner in the world for what she will have achieved”.

To help support Molly and Angel’s fundraising efforts as they tick this amazing achievement off their bucket list visit their JustGiving page here.