Taryn and Rocco

Taryn and Rocco

In 2015, three consecutive injuries resulted in Taryn Preston, 32, from Manchester seriously damaging her knee. In May 2016 she had to undergo surgery to have her knee reconstructed using bone and tendons from her leg.

Basic things became huge tasks, things like sitting down in a chair or trying to put on socks were now a massive challenge for Taryn, not to mention painful. A flight of stairs could take up to 10 minutes to climb and she would have no energy left at the end of it. Taryn’s independence was removed as she was unable to drive for six months and she had to adjust to becoming socially isolated as she was only able to work from home. 

Two months before surgery, Taryn had been gifted a dachshund puppy, Rocco. Her recovery now meant that he was relegated to spending time in separate rooms for fear of him accidentally jumping and knocking her scars as she couldn’t move out of his excited way quick enough. As Taryn was getting used to relying on crutches, she was unable to hold his lead. Coupled with the fact that she couldn’t get very far, in the time it took her to walk 50 metres, he had been taken 1km and back by her parents.

Slowly things began to improve as Taryn regained some strength and function in her leg. Of course, Rocco was over the moon that the restrictions on their time together were lifted and he was able to enjoy more of Taryn’s attention. 

Taryn said: “As my confidence increased, I was able to take him back on solo walks which we both loved and it all aided my physio and recovery. These started at 50m slowly increasing the distance up to 5km and gradually increasing my speed to keep up with him.”

It became a daily routine to attend physio and then walk Rocco which they both benefitted from. 

Taryn said “I am now much further along in my recovery and this is why we have entered the Dog Jog. I am not too sure that i will be able to manage any jogging but my dog understands this and will simply love the atmosphere and being around everyone else. We will be striving to power walk the course and Heaton Park is where we spend most of our time so it will be a home from home for him. I want him to be able to enjoy something dog related and for him and cannot wait for him to receive his goody bag when we cross the finish line!”

Please wish a massive good luck to Taryn and Rocco who are taking part in Dog Jog Manchester this Sunday!