Samantha and Savannah – Blog 1

Hi everyone!! My name is Sam, this is my best friend Savannah and we will be running Dog Jog Southampton on 18th of August. Savannah is an Italian greyhound who is nearly two years old and we do everything together, so when the opportunity arose for us to do Dog Jog again we jumped at the chance! We did Dog Jog for the first time in 2018 and ran for cancer research in memory of my Uncle Tom (Where we raised £300!!) But unfortunately it was a very hot year so not all dogs were able to attend for their own safety but after careful thought for Savannah’s welfare and doing everything we could to make sure she was cool enough and safe, we decided to take her to join in the fun. And she loved it!! Savannah has a classic Italian greyhound personality wise as she can be quite timid and wary of new people and dogs – but as long as she’s with us she’s happy, just needing a fair amount of reassurance! We have just rescued another Italian greyhound called Jazz who is 9 months old who, along with my husband Simon, will be joining us in our run! Although we may switch and swap dogs on our way round, we’re very excited to exercise and participate as a family. Now you may have guessed that I’m really passionate about my dogs and spending time with them which is why I love Dog Jog! It is so so important for us to spend time with our dogs bonding with them, I believe Dog Jog is perfect opportunity. You get to train together, keep healthy together and then just have a fun day together meeting other dogs and likeminded people who are as crazy as their dogs as you are! Obviously my dogs health is my main priority. If Savannah wants to walk, we’ll walk, if Savannah wants to be carried, I’ll carry her! I would never make her or Jazz do anything she didn’t want to or that made her uncomfortable, but as a sighthound running is her favourite thing, so she doesn’t tend to mind!
In terms of training we have just been attempting to go on longer walks to start with and will run up and down the park close to our house. Training has definitely been more hard on me as I find running rather tricky and Savannah has definitely been leaving me in the dust! But we’re just working on getting more laps in and running as much as we can instead of walking. We’re hoping we can run a fair portion of the DogJog but obviously Savannah and her health and well-being will come first when it comes to that. We’re so excited to get to the day and to meet and spend time with all these lovely people and their wonderful dogs! If you want to stay updated with us our Instagram is @Sister.iggies.ig where we post updates of how things are going! Excited to give you another update soon!! Sam and Savvy xxx