Safety tips for running with your dog in the summer

Temperatures have been soaring recently, and although it feels like we can celebrate the fact that summer is here, it’s also an important time to look after your pup. 

We’ve popped a few important tips below regarding dogs and hot weather running:

1. Take your dog for a run in the early morning or late evening when it’s cooler – avoid the midday heat.
2. Go on shorter runs and stay in the shade where you can – your dog requires less exercise in the summer.
3. Bring plenty of water for drinking, and cooling off if necessary. Remember to take a collapsible bowl if your dog will not drink from your Camelback or water bottle. Take frequent water breaks – your dog can’t tell you when he/she is thirsty.
4. Run near water. Your dog will be able to cool off in the water; even just dipping their paws in will help.
5. Run on grass wherever you can, pavements get very hot and can burn your dog’s paws.
6. Consider run/walking. This will give your dog a little break to cool down.