Congratulations to all our Dog Jog Virtual Challenge finishers. Can you find your name on our Dog Jog pawdium?

Dog Jog

Below is a full list of finishers in alphabetical order, you can use the search function to find your listing.

FinisherEvent NumberDetailsCompletion Date
Alison Baker
+ Dora (Border Collie)
1h 10m 0s
Thu 19th Nov 2020
Nick Beckett
+ Hetty (Irish Terrier)
90748.6 miles
1h 39m 0s
Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Stephen Bessant
+ Lucy (American Bulldog)
903045m 17s Thu 19th Nov 2020
Nicola Carroll
+ Jessie (Mutt (Mixed))
1h 2m 43s
Mon 23rd Nov 2020
Geraldine Costello
+ Mungo (Miniature Schnauzer)
905031m 28s Sat 21st Nov 2020
Aaron Lamont90655 miles
1h 0m 42s
Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Mary Lamont
+ K-dog (Affenhuahua)
+ Olivia (Collie)
+ Tullagh (Cocker Spaniel)
90631h 0m 44s Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Sarah Lewis
+ Spud (Bichon Frise)
90681h 37m 0s Tue 24th Nov 2020
Angela Little
+ Yogi (Cockapoo)
Fri 20th Nov 2020
Sarah Mason904610km
1h 26m 31s
Mon 23rd Nov 2020
Pippa Reeve
+ Fred (Cocker Spaniel)
902927m 31s Thu 19th Nov 2020
Zoey Walker9144Walking
42m 0s
Sat 21st Nov 2020
Michele Walters
+ Diesel (Akita)
905547m 22s Wed 25th Nov 2020
Helen Williams90641h 0m 43s Sun 22nd Nov 2020

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