Two people wearing their green Dog Jog running number are sitting on the ground holding their dog who is wearing a Dog Jog medal.
Virtual Running Benefits

Virtual Running Benefits

The period of lockdown resulting from the pandemic has changed the look and feel of many parts of our day to day life, including hobbies, activities and so much more.

This is also true for running, where many large events have opted to go virtual instead of being delivered in person.

But running virtually can be a great thing, allowing runners a tangible goal during an uncertain time – as well as grabbing some goodies along the way!

We’ve put together our list of the top 4 benefits of running virtually.

1. New Motivation

Let’s face it; motivation during the past 12 months has been harder to come by than usual. Not knowing what the future holds has had a real impact on our way of living, socialising, exercising – everything.

So having a virtual event to look forward to can be hugely important to your motivation levels. Being able to set a goal and follow a training schedule gives you something to aim for and can help create good habits, even after the event is over. Virtual running actually produces two really important aspects for effective behavioural change – accountability and incentive.

2. You’re in Charge

One of the best things about a virtual event – you’re in charge! You get to decide what your event day run looks and feels like. Do you want to breathe in nature? Go for it. Want to jog around your local park 10 times? Why not. Want to run laps around your garden? Be our guest. The only thing you need to worry about is completing the distance of your chosen event, the rest is up to you.

3. Community Feeling

Even though we won’t be together in person, that doesn’t we won’t be together in spirit! Unfortunately, guidelines have dictated over the last 12 years that crowds should be avoided. So when else will you be able to join other like-minded runners, all trying to achieve a similar goal?! As soon as you put your race number on and head out the front door on your event day, you join the #bigfunrun family and become part of something much bigger.

4. Swag

If we’re being honest with ourselves, one of the best things about running an event is the kit you receive afterwards. If you don’t Instagram the medal once you’re finished, did you even run the race?!

But completing a virtual run is a huge accomplishment in itself, and you deserve to have that achievement commemorated with some great goodies.

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5K in Memory of Gentle Giant, “Lee Long Legs”


Stacey is taking part in Dog Jog Middlesbrough in memory of her brother Lee, who sadly took his own life in March 2017.

“Lee left behind many people who loved and cared for him. He was a gentle giant”, Stacey said.

Her dog, Gunner, will be by her side as she runs for Campaign Against Miserable Living (CALM). CALM is a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK.

In 2015, 75% of all UK suicides were male.

Speaking about Lee, Stacey said, “He was a real man, he provided and did right by his family. I think men hide their feelings, they protect us despite what they are going through, and that is why I chose CALM.”

Gunner has always been there for Stacey, especially through the hard times.

“Through everything that happened, he was my support that never left my side. I was never alone.”

Stacey hopes that her fundraising can raise awareness for people in a similar situation to her brother.

“I feel nothing that I say would give him the justice his memory deserves. All I know is if I can prevent this happening to someone else, then I will try, I will always be there because I couldn’t be there for him.”
Stacey is currently studying counselling and hopes to assist in any way she can once her degree is finished.

“I hope to progress my degree in counselling. My main aim is to help and support suicide awareness, suicide prevention and support after suicide.”

Dog Jog Middlesbrough takes place on Sunday 21st October at Albert Park and provides a brilliant opportunity for runners to accomplish their personal goals with their dogs; whether raising money for a worthwhile cause or simply keeping fit.

Dog Jogs are all about a friendly, relaxed and fun atmosphere for everyone involved with no time limits or pressure. Each participant will receive a Doggy Bag jam-packed with goodies for both runner and dog to enjoy once they cross the finish line. There’s no other event like it in the UK.

To support Stacey and Gunner’s 5K challenge for CALM and to read more about their story please visit:


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Melissa and Bailey’s Dog Jog for the Love of Beagles


Melissa and Bailey, her 4 year old Beagle, have entered Dog Jog in Southampton to fundraise for Beagle Welfare as a thank you to the charity who brought them together.

Bailey found himself in the care of Beagle Welfare after a very difficult and turbulent start in life. “Beagle Welfare do outstanding work for beagles in need, from ex-laboratory dogs to puppy farms and everything in between – their work is immeasurable”. Melissa explained.

Melissa’s family have another Beagle named Ben and adopted Bailey in September 2015 to complete their pack . “Bailey is one of the best things to happen to us” Melissa explained. “He has changed our lives in many ways and him and his brother adore each other.”

Having found his forever home, Bailey has settled in well and enjoys an active lifestyle with his family. “He has an amazingly sweet and bouncy personality and he makes us laugh and smile every single day”.

Explaining why they are taking part in Dog Jog for Beagle Welfare Melissa said: “We want to do what we can to say thank you for bringing Bailey into our lives and to support them in doing everything they can for the Beagles. Bailey says arooooo!””

Good luck to this paw-fect pair! To support Melissa and Bailey’s fundraising for Beagle Welfare visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/melissaandbailey

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