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Dog Jogs are a fantastic opportunity for you and your canine companion to get some fresh air and exercise.

If you and your four-legged friend are just beginning your journey to being more active and improving your fitness, and are looking for a relaxed, friendly and fun challenge to help motivate you, then Dog Jog is for you!

The great thing about the Dog Jog Virtual Challenge is that it’s your challenge and your rules. Do whichever distance you like, whether that’s 5K or a bit more. Complete your challenge whichever way suits you best – whether that’s a brisk walk, a jog or a run. Split your chosen distance over a number of days or weeks – you don’t need to do it all in one day. It’s your challenge!

The most important thing is that you choose something that will challenge you as an individual and that you enjoy yourself and have fun doing it. Fundraising for a charity that is important to you can be an amazing motivation to keep going throughout your challenge, so why not do something amazing and positive for others at the same time!

Take part in the Dog Jog Virtual Challenge!


There’s a whole host of goodies included for you & your four-legged friend when you take part, including:

  • Bright, strong and practical Dog Jog drawstring bag
  • Dog Jog buff for keeping you warm on those colder dog walks
  • Medal and lanyard for 2-legged finishers
  • Collar medal for 4-legged finishers (also great to use as a keyring if your dog doesn’t want to glam it up all the time!)
  • Printable participation number – a larger one for you and a smaller version for each dog involved with the challenge that can be printed and attached to their collar, harness or leash.
  • Personalised finisher certificate
  • An audio barkdown to kick off your challenge in style
  • Downloadable Training Plans
  • Added to the Dog Jog Virtual Challenge finisher’s ’pawdium’
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Dog Jog Adult Entry
£ 10
ages 16 and over
Dog Jog Child Entry
£ 8
ages 15 and under
Additional Dog Entry
£ 2.50
additional medal sent out
Dog Jog Charity Entry
all ages
Your challenge, your rules!



How do I take part?

The beauty of our Virtual Challenge is that you can choose how and when you’d like to do it. The Dog Jog Virtual Challenge can be completed whenever you like, which gives plenty of time to train for your challenge and fundraise for a charity of your choice if you wish to. You might decide to tackle your distance in one go, or over multiple days – you get to choose, it’s your challenge!

What distance do I need to run?

We suggest 5K as a good goal to aim for whether that’s at a brisk walk, a jog or a run. The great thing about our Virtual Challenge is that it’s your challenge and your rules, so you can aim for a longer distance if you’d like or split your chosen distance over a number of days or weeks – it’s up to you and your four-legged friend!

How do I notify you that I’ve completed my challenge?

Upon completing your Virtual Challenge, you’ll login to your My Details account and tick a box to let us know you’ve completed it. Your finisher’s pack & other items will then be sent to you in the post & your details will be added to the Finisher’s listing – it’s as simple as that!
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Since Dog Jog began, Dog Joggers have raised a fantastic amount of money for hundreds of amazing charities. If you’re looking for a reason to become a future Dog Jog charity runner, then look no further! By choosing to run for one of our Affiliate Charities, Dog Joggers will get lots of valuable support, fundraising tips and advice.run for charity
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