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Anne Marie Feechan
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Deafblind Scotland works throughout the country to improve the lives of adults who have lost, or are losing, both their sight and hearing. We do this by providing information, advice, training and support to deafblind people, their families, friends and professionals working with them. Access to regular newsletters, activities, outings and holidays, as well as to our specially equipped rehabilitation flat, are just some of the services from which our 700 strong membership benefit. Where funding is available, we can also provide deafblind people with Guide/Communicators. They are highly skilled individuals, trained to be the eyes and ears of a dual sensory impaired person. For many, they are a lifeline.

We are a small charity striving to better the lives of people with a uniquely disabling condition. Please run for us this year - together we can make a difference.


Run for Deafblind Scotland

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