Down's Syndrome Scotland

Julie Ionta
0131 313 4225
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Down’s Syndrome Scotland is the only organisation in Scotland focussed solely on the needs of people with Down’s syndrome, their relatives and carers. We work to help people raise their full potential by providing information and support. We offer various kinds of training sessions and workshops some of which are lead by young adults with Down’s syndrome. We produce a wide range of publications dealing with all ages and stages including a range directly targeted at people with a learning difficulty. We seek to promote and support people with Down’s syndrome as unique individuals with their own strengths and potential. We encourage inclusion for all and believe that with the right support most people with Down’s syndrome can live independent and fulfilling lives. Our aim is to provide people with enough support and information to help them to fulfill their potential, while making society aware of the valuable contribution people with Down’s syndrome can make.

Registered Charity Number in Scotland SC011012

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