Warm Weather Advice for Dog Joggers

We advise our Dog Jog participants in hot weather to:

Keep hydrated

Keep hydrated! It’s important that you and your dog drinks small amounts regularly – it’s not good for your dog to gulp large volumes of water while exercising so it’s better to allow him or her to drink a small amount and then come back for some more later.  Please see the information above relating to where water is available at the event.

Walk if you need to

We anticipate that you will perhaps want to walk a bit, jog a bit and for those pooches who are demanding, maybe even be carried for a bit – this is fine, take as long as you like! This event is about taking part and enjoying every moment with your canine companion so make decisions to ensure that both of you will enjoy the experience.  If you want to just go to the 1KM mark then come back this is absolutely fine!

If you plan to run with your dog then remember to run at a pace that you and your dog are comfortable with or slow it down to a walk and jog on this occasion.  

What is important is if you or your dog become unwell at any time during the event, STOP and speak to one of the course marshals.

Consider leaving your four-legged friend at home

If temperatures are higher than normal then please act accordingly to prevent your dog suffering from overheating, for example you might want to splash your dog with cool water whenever you get a chance. Short-nosed dogs in particular are more likely to overheat through exercise so consider your individual dog. In cases of very hot weather it may be best for you to jog solo on their behalf and take home a Doggy Bag for your pooch, then you can go out to exercise your dog when the temperature drops.

Stay on grassy areas

On hot days it will be better to keep your dog on grass as tarmac pathways may burn their paws. Try to run in the shade wherever possible.

Stay cool

Wear loose, breathable mesh exercise gear in warm conditions. If it’s an excessively hot day, try to jog in the shade where possible. Wearing a breathable hat may help keep your face in the shade.  We often have dogs dressing up for the occasion however in warm weather it is best to leave outfits at home.

Wear sunscreen

We would advise runners to apply adequate sunscreen. The British Skin Foundation recommend an SPF of 30 or above.

If you need to, seek medical help

If you’re well prepared for the event it’s unlikely you’ll need any medical attention, but if you do feel ill or suffer an injury, full medical care is provided at the event by the event medical team. If you become unwell at any time during the event, STOP and speak to one of the course marshals.

Remember, Dogs Jogs are NOT a race.