Action Against Medical Accidents (AVMA)

Philip Walker
[email protected]

AvMA needs your help to raise much needed funds to sustain our patient advice service and inquest support project for bereaved families




For over 30 years we’ve helped more than 100,000 families devastated by a medical accident with expert advice and support from our staff and volunteer team. Most families are too traumatised to deal with the complex issues of a medical accident and need our help to find out what happened and how to put it right. Our help is free and gives people the means to provide for their future and sustain a reasonable quality of life including coping with a disability and the consequences of a medical accident. We have a small dedicated staff and brilliant team of legal volunteers.








There are around one million reported medical accidents each year. Our second key aim is to improve patient safety for all. We identify poor medical practice and challenge complacency, championing the need for better patient care and safety and in doing so we help to ensure the safety of every patient.






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