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For many women in the third world, becoming pregnant is a potential death sentence. Every year more than 540,000 women die as a result of being pregnant. That equates to 1 woman every minute. Most importantly, 80% of these deaths are preventable with simple affordable interventions that could be provided with local resources and by training local health care staff. 

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists is committed to helping reduce maternal and newborn mortality worldwide. We work in partnership with governments, ministries of health and other international organisations to train and develop the capacity and skills of medical personnel in countries where there is a lack of trained obstetricians.  Working with governments ensures that they are committed to reducing maternal death rates and that the support we provide becomes embedded within their healthcare systems. 

Your support will allow us to develop our current training priorities for low and middle-income settings, to ensure that professionals in developing countries have the skills and competencies required to develop and deliver good quality, life-saving care.







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